When It Comes To Comic Book Movies, As Usual, Reddit Gets It

If you've seen the photos of Apocalypse in the previews for the upcoming X-Men movie, your reaction was probably like that of most fans: "Ehhhh, okay." The same can be said for Dr. Doom in the newest Fantastic Four reboot.

With the CG technology, and our imaginations not limited to simply costumes and makeup, why do studios insist on changing so dramatically characters that are not only beloved for a reason, but that work perfectly fine in their original form?

Sometimes, that recent trend of creating the imaginary to appear "realistic" has a way of backfiring. Studios should realize that it is enough to simply breath life into these characters by bringing them to the big screen without trying to make them "science-accurate."

This photo from Reddit sums it up. 

Anyway, back to my nerd lair.