Here Are Even More Ninja Jokes, Proving That I Love You A Whole Lot, Internet

Yeah, ninjas!
Yeah, jokes!
Yeah, you!

There are two kinds of ninjas in this world.
The kind that's right behind you, and---

If a ninja is on a train traveling 50mph from Chicago to Denver, how long before you notice everyone on board is dead and you're all alone?

Why can't ninjas trace?
Because it's impossible for them to leave one!

How do you know when a ninja's drunk?
He'll kill both of you!

If a ninja has five apples and he gives one to Jim and one to Susie, how many apples does he have left?
Five. And two corpses.

What is a ninja's favorite book?
The one you're currently distracted by!

What is a ninja's preferred airline?

How many ninjas do you need for a band?
Oh, just one, a ninja can easily kill a whole band.

Where does a ninja take someone on a first date?
Don't you mean... A LAST DATE?!