11 Ninja Jokes

I wrote these jokes about ninjas.  Enjoy.

If a ninja kills in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?
No, it makes a corpse!

How does a ninja deal with depression?
He covers his blade with smiley faces!

How does a ninja deal with fear?
He gives it to others!

What's a ninjas favorite soda?

How do you wake a ninja?
You don't! It's a decoy! Your throat's cut!

How do you get a ninja drunk?
Become a ninja and get drunk!

How does a ninja pick up women?
It's easy once they're lifeless!

What is a ninja's favorite sound?
Does tempered steel on Adam's apple count?!

If you could be any type of ninja, what type would you—
Too late! You've been killed by a real ninja!

Do ninjas believe in God?
The more important question is, DO YOU???

How do you give a ninja directions?
Don't worry, he'll find you!