Thursday, September 8, 2011

Obama's Speech Tonight

SERIOUS ANALYSIS:  Good speech.  It's as good a proposal as you're going to get passed with the make-up of this political system.  Lots of bipartisan legislation.  He had some great words on teachers, and they were words that needed to be spoken by him particularly.

I like the fiery tone and it struck the right cord across the political spectrum.  So, now we just wait to see what Republicans will say in response when they completely reject every and all things offered and call Obama a do-nothing socialist.

SHALLOW ANALYSIS:  Ron Johnson, Senator from my state of Wisconsin, looks way too old.  He's younger than John McCain and yet McCain looked like a strapping, bullriding lumberjack compared to Johnson.  Ron Johnson looked like he was on hour five of his Matlock marathon which he started promptly after dinner at 4:30PM.  I think I even saw Werther's Originals in the pool of drool collecting in his lap.

Also, first lady Michelle Obama looked hot.