Take A Hot Trump... For Example

So this candidate Trump shows some flare
Many thought he did not have a prayer
But in the politics game
He's cares only for fame
And is only consistent with hair.


When It Comes To Comic Book Movies, As Usual, Reddit Gets It

If you've seen the photos of Apocalypse in the previews for the upcoming X-Men movie, your reaction was probably like that of most fans: "Ehhhh, okay." The same can be said for Dr. Doom in the newest Fantastic Four reboot.

With the CG technology, and our imaginations not limited to simply costumes and makeup, why do studios insist on changing so dramatically characters that are not only beloved for a reason, but that work perfectly fine in their original form?

Sometimes, that recent trend of creating the imaginary to appear "realistic" has a way of backfiring. Studios should realize that it is enough to simply breath life into these characters by bringing them to the big screen without trying to make them "science-accurate."

This photo from Reddit sums it up. 

Anyway, back to my nerd lair.


To The Person Who Is Reading This Open Letter About This Open Letter You're Reading

Let me first say, thank you.

This post hasn’t had an easy life. It started out as nothing. The bills were piling up. Family and friends had lost faith in its ability to get done.

And slowly with the help of a few good samaritans like yourself, it’s blossomed into the series of words that you’re reading right now.

You saw this post hitchhiking around on the information super highway and instead driving past, you stopped and you gave this little post a chance. Counted out by so many, this post had no one to turn to, and you stepped up.

You didn’t clap for my super unathletic weiner kid playing sports. You didn’t pay for my expensive Starbucks drink which, let’s be honest, I only get on the slight chance someone in front of me will pay for it. And you didn’t leave me a smile as a tip, which my student loan officer continues to refuse as payment.

The truth is, you didn’t have to click on this post at all. And you didn’t have to read this post which thanks you for reading this post you didn’t have to click on. But despite the adversity placed in your path, you forged ahead and proved that you did read this post.

It’s not a perfect post, and will never claim to be. And yet, like people, that’s what makes posts great, the imperfections. But you know what is perfect? You’re curiosity.

Thank you.


Here Are Even More Ninja Jokes, Proving That I Love You A Whole Lot, Internet

Yeah, ninjas!
Yeah, jokes!
Yeah, you!

There are two kinds of ninjas in this world.
The kind that's right behind you, and---

If a ninja is on a train traveling 50mph from Chicago to Denver, how long before you notice everyone on board is dead and you're all alone?

Why can't ninjas trace?
Because it's impossible for them to leave one!

How do you know when a ninja's drunk?
He'll kill both of you!

If a ninja has five apples and he gives one to Jim and one to Susie, how many apples does he have left?
Five. And two corpses.

What is a ninja's favorite book?
The one you're currently distracted by!

What is a ninja's preferred airline?

How many ninjas do you need for a band?
Oh, just one, a ninja can easily kill a whole band.

Where does a ninja take someone on a first date?
Don't you mean... A LAST DATE?!